Notes for Sale

PPR regularly offers Mortgage Notes, including performing and non-performing 1st and 2nd liens, for sale direct to its network of registered note investors.

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Registered note investors may login to the Note Vault to view current notes for sale.

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Note Purchase

The note purchase process is summarized below, but be aware that at least monthly we email announcements about newly-offered notes for sale to registered note investors. We also recommend that you periodically browse the assets available in the Note Vault.

Upcoming Release Date(s)

September 2nd to September 12th (NPN 1sts & 2nds)

Performance Warranty

Performing Notes sold by PPR are covered by our Performance Warranty, which protects the investor’s note purchase amount in the event of borrower default. Get the Warranty details.

Note Purchase Process

Step 1: Complete registration and sign the NDA. Start registration.

Step 2: Performing and non-performing 1st and 2nd liens are released at least monthly on a bid platform. (Performing notes are often released on a weekly basis.) Go to the Login page.

Step 3: For Notes, perform all due diligence and submit your purchase request (place bids) before the end of the bid period (typically 5-10 days).

Step 4: The Trade Desk will respond the next business day after bids are due. If you win, funding is expected within 48 hours of receiving our Loan Sale Agreement (or within a week for IRA purchases).

Step 5: The loan servicing transfer will be completed and the collateral file will be shipped as quickly as possible, usually within one week (5 business days) of receiving funding.