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  • Performing Note

    Columbia, PA

    house 1

    This re-performing second mortgage was purchased for $20,900 by a retired couple who’s LLC is building a small portfolio of cash flowing notes...
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  • Non-performing Note

    Yuma, AZ

    house 2

    A NY note investor purchased this non-performing second lien for $4,900 with a payoff of $46,000, ten months after we bought it in a pool for $3,450.
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  • Mini-pool

    Mid-West & Western States

    house 3

    This recent trade included 11 non-performing 2nd mortgages purchased for $61,500 in multiple states. This pool had a 107% overall loan to value (LTV).
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Who We Are

Dave Van Horn

Dave Van Horn


Our mission at PPR is to share the knowledge and experience we’ve gained buying and working out thousands of delinquent notes over the past several years. Our aim is to show ordinary investors how to start buying these assets themselves and to build a community of active note buyers who support and partner with us and with each other.

We believe that this business provides a perfect opportunity to help distressed homeowners, much-needed liquidity to lenders, and excellent returns to active and passive investors.

At PPR, we believe that it pays to keep people in their homes.

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